Is Mad Bout Cheese Cakes Halal / MUIS Certified? 

All Mad Bout Cheese's Cakes is halal, it is produced and baked in a MUIS certified bakery.

Can I get my order delivered at a specific time? How do I know what time my delivery will arrive?

Unfortunately, we are unable to prioritise any deliveries as all our routes are created based on efficiency scoring. We dont wanna sound cheesy, but we try our best to provide our customers with the best prices possible, hence we have to strictly follow our logistics plan. We are not able to provide any ETA as the road conditions are ever-changing. All deliveries will be delivered within the stated delivery timing, and an SMS will be sent 30 mins prior to your delivery.


Can I get a message for my recipient? Can I get candles/knife with my order?

Unfortunately we don’t provide any decorations or note-services. We dont wanna sound cheesy, but we try our best to keep our products and services modest and no frills, so as to be able to provide the best prices for all.


Can I change my delivery information (Delivery Address, Delivery Date, Recipient Name, Recipient Contact Number)?

Do note that changes are not allowed within 48 hours of delivery - All our deliveries are dispatched at 12:00pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 10:00am on Saturday. Within 48 hours of delivery, urgent cases will have to be cancelled and rescheduled to the next available delivery date - please note that this will result in a failed delivery, and redelivery will be chargeable at $10. If your delivery is more than 48 hours away, and you need to amend delivery information - please reply to this email with your amended information and we will proceed with your request (No reply from our end will be required).


How do I store the cake? And how long can I keep the cakes after I received it? 

Our cakes are best enjoyed immediately out of the chiller. All cakes are made from 100% pasteurised ingredients; hence it is room-temperature safe (up to 4 hours!) and can be kept in the chiller for up to 5 days!


Can I self-collect?

Unfortunately, we do not provide self-collection as an option in the meantime. 


What if I’m not at home during the delivery window? 

You will receive an SMS reminder of your delivery in the morning of delivery, and 30 mins before your order arrives. Our delivery team will notify us if no one is at home, and if the contact number provided is uncontactable during the time of delivery. All drivers will wait for 10 mins before they are instructed to proceed to their next location. As the cakes are a chilled product, we will not allow drivers to leave the cakes unattended outside of your house. If you are unable to receive your delivery, we will mark your delivery as failed, and your cake(s) will be returned to the kitchen at the end of the driver’s route. Do note that in the case of a failed delivery, redelivery will be chargeable at $10. You can reach out to us here at this email to reschedule your delivery to the next available delivery date.


I forgot to key in my promo code!

Unfortunately, we are not able to partially refund  any orders. Do be more careful in the future before you make any payments online! 


Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, we have a strict no refund policy as all orders coming in triggers an automation that would affect many parts of our operations (purchase of raw materials, confirmation of production numbers, booking of delivery slots etc.). 

I don’t see delivery slots available for Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Can I order for those days?

Unfortunately, we do not operate Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. All available slots are updated on the website! If you need the cake(s) for any of those days, we recommend that you order for the earliest available date (e.g. If you need the cake for Tuesday, you can order for Saturday, three (3) days before) - all our cakes are made from 100% pasteurised ingredients and can be kept in the chiller for up to 5 days without any changes to the quality.

Please do not send any invoice/receipt together with the delivery!

Don’t worry, all deliveries do not have invoice/receipt attached.